Furnace Repair Services

Below are some common furnace troubleshooting problems.

Compressor overheating is a common problem whether it is a furnace or an A/C system problem. Problems with compressors can be avoided with proper annual maintenance plans. Mechanical or electrical problems need to be quicly resolved. Compressor overheating may cause expensive repair problems with your furnace or air conditioning system. Overheated compressors can still function. Howerver, if the temperature inside the compressor rises too high, then the oil in the compressor could break down and reduce proper lubrication affecting the heating or cooling effect of the system.

The oil inside the compressor serves the purpose of necessary lubrication. When the oil becomes overheated it chemically changes the function of the system. With the lack of proper lubrication and cooling the compressor oil overheats which eats away at the windings and causes compressor failure.

To prevent compressor problems, check for excessively high temperatures. Temperatures over 300° fahrenheit inside the discharge port of the compressor means there is a serious problem that needs to be quickly and expertly addressed. Call Columbia HVAC Company today to receive expert help to solve your A/C compressor problems. Don’t wait, we may be able to fix the compressor to save you money on your A/C bill and to maintain optimum performance of your HVAC system which includes a proper functioning furnace. Whether the furnace system is owned by a residential or commercial customer, all HVAC systems require proper maintenance plans to keep them smoothly operating on a year-round basis. Your family an your customers or employees deserve a comfortable environment. Keep your family and business environment safe by maintaining a properly functioning furnace system.