Air Duct Cleaning Service

Columbia HVAC Co. can fix your problem with clogged air ducts. Your HVAC system supplies all of the rooms in your home with cool forced air. When your air ducts need cleaning, the air quality will decrease. This type of situation will lead to an inefficient duct system that will tax both your blower motor and your pocketbook by wasting energy and causing high A/C bills. However, when your A/C ducts need cleaning, that isn’t the only problem to look for when troubleshooting A/C issues.

Replacing air filters on a regular basis, can help to reduce clogged ducts. A clogged filter blows dirty air through every duct. It will make it look like the air ducts need to be cleaned.  When the A/C unit turns on, if you notice dust coming out of the vent, most likely the A/C ducts need to be cleaned. If there is a whistling noise or the airflow is just generally noisy, that indicates a blockage somewhere within the A/C duct work. Blockages can occur from a piece of insulation that gets sucked into the ducts. A broken-off piece of filter or a damper that is either partially closed or caked with dirt causes air flow problems.

In all instances, the problem must be found and the duct cleaned. Check each room of the home for airflow. Ensure that the vents are fully opened. The rooms with reduced airflow indicates the the ductwork needs cleaning. Check the return air inlets. If you notice any blockage inside of a return vent, it will need to be cleaned. Tip: Ensure that the return air vents are not covered by items such as paper, furniture, pillows, stuffed animals, or anything else that will lay flat on top of the vent and impede proper airflow. At Columbia HVAC Company, we know many useful tips to find blockages in your A/C ductwork. Call us today, for a free estimate about our ductwork cleaning service. We can expertly clean your blocked air ducts. We offer quality service with a 100% service guarantee.